Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Small Dot in Poland: The land of 1000 lakes

Hi everyone, 
You might have not heard of one of the most special Dots in Poland called MAZURY (The land of 1000 lakes). This is a place full of lovely history, breathtaking nature, fabulous people and amazing traditional food and is the next dot on the map that I'm going to visit! 
I'll stay only for a few days, maybe around a week, is not too much but I'll try to visit as many places as possible! But before telling you my plans, I'll give you some advantages of an vacation spent in Poland:
- CHEAP! Accommodation in a decent Bed&Breakfast costs around £8 per night! 
- You can eat lunch and dinner in a local restaurant for only £5! Isn't that great?! 
- Amazing people and culture! A lot of local "clubs" with local music! Any tourist loves to dance and have fun! And what is the price? They're usually free or cost around £1 or £2 ! 
- ONLYY FOR 18 AND OVER! Amazing local alcoholic drinks! And again you can get them for even less than £2 ! 
Anyway are you interested in my plans now? 
I bet you are!
So be patient and wait for the next post!
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